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4 Ways to Make Your Garage More Environmentally Friendly

Two Wooden Garage Door
You can do your part for the environment by making environmentally friendly choices not just when it comes to the products you buy but also in the way you design and use your garage. To help keep the earth beautiful and vibrant for generations to come, learn what you can do now around your garage to protect the environment.  

1. Declutter Wisely

The garage can easily get decluttered if you use it to store various items. But when you decide to get organized, just make sure you go about the decluttering process the right way. Don't simply toss items that could be harmful, as they can settle in a landfill where they emit toxins into the air or end up in the local water supply.
Gather items like paint, unused car oil, batteries, pool cleaner, and any other toxic solutions that are often found stored away in the garage and contact the local waste management office to determine the proper protocol for disposal. If you have any items in the pile that can be recycled, donate them to a local shelter or take them to a recycling center. 

2. Insulate the Space

When it comes to the temperature inside your home, you probably don't think much about your garage. However, the temperature inside the garage will affect the air temperature in the rooms adjacent to the garage, such as a bedroom above the space.
You can better regulate the temperature and lower your dependence on your heating or cooling system and cut back on your utility bill by insulating the garage door. While there are various DIY insulation options available, it's best to allow a professional to tackle this project.
For example, choosing the wrong type of insulation could overload the door's opening mechanism and prove to be problematic. A professional will likely be more familiar with your machinery and know which kinds of insulation are safe to use.

3. Upgrade the Door

Have you had the same garage door for more than a decade? Now might be a great time to upgrade to a more efficient, or green, option. Green door solutions are constructed from recyclable and sustainable materials, have increased durability and come along with reduced repair costs and energy savings, which provide you with a win-win situation.
In addition to extending these benefits to you, these benefits will be passed down to any future buyers. So an investment in a green door might boost your home's curb appeal and value should you decide put the house on the market in the future, which can mean an easier sell and more money for you.  

4. Replace the Opener

If you have had your garage door for more than ten years, you have probably also had your opener for the same amount of time. With the average opener lasting somewhere around 10 to 15 years, you may as well replace the opener system too.
One of the most important reasons to change the opener system is because even when not in use, the opener is still consuming energy. This round-the-clock power draw is known as a phantom load. Some old door openers can use as much as 14 watts of power during this standby period. However, there are updated models that consume only around 1 watt of power.
If your garage door opener system consumes less energy, you're not only helping the environment but also yourself because you'll likely lower your electricity bill.
Make sure you do your part by making greener choices in every area of your life. To help with your garage needs, contact Artex Overhead Door Company. We offer a range of services, including repairs and new door installation; we are here to serve you.