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6 Tips for Converting Your Garage Into a Work Room

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Are you thinking about converting your garage into a fully functional work room? After all, a garage has a lot of space that you might not be putting to good use. If your garage is currently just storage, a conversion could add a lot of convenience and usability to your home. Here are a few tips.

1. Choose the Right Garage Door

A workshop has different needs from a garage. If you want to be able to enter and exit your garage easily, you can get a garage door that has a regular entryway door built into it. You'll still have all the functionality of a garage door, but also the option of using a regular door.

Some garage doors are designed to let in more natural light, which can make it easier to work. If natural light is appealing to you, find a garage door with frosted glass or even floor to ceiling glass panels.

2. Install New Flooring

Garages have many different types of flooring options available, and which type of flooring is best depends on what type of work you're going to be doing. If you're going to be doing a lot of detail work, epoxy flooring is hardy and attractive. It makes it easier to see items that you've dropped by creating a clear, solid-colored surface, rather than the mottled appearance of most concrete.

If you're going to be standing a lot, rubberized coating may be best. Rubberized coating has give to it, which makes it more comfortable to stand for long periods of time. This type of floor also protects your concrete floor from items that are dropped. Concrete chips easily if something hard is dropped from the right angle.

Alternative types of flooring, like cork, can muffle sounds if you're going to be using loud equipment. 

3. Get Creative With Your Storage

Garages are all about vertical space. When storing items in your garage, you need shelving and tool racks. Store as much as possible on the walls because the floor should be kept free and clear for large tools and equipment. Before you start moving anything else in, plan out where everything is going to go. Blueprint software can help, as well as taking precise measurements.

4. Improve Your Garage Security

When you have expensive equipment and tools in your garage, you need to improve your garage security. Getting a solid garage door that has locking features is the first step. From there, you have the option of adding an alarm system, motion-sensing lights, and motion-detecting cameras. All of these are going to protect your investment by both deterring criminals and potentially catching criminals in the act.

5. Think About Your Insulation

If you're going to be working in your garage at all hours of the day and throughout the seasons, your garage needs good insulation. A garage door can help. New garage doors have built-in insulation so you don't need to insulate around them. You can ask about each garage door's R-value, as this is the rating of the amount of insulation the garage door has.

6. Wire Lights and Utilities

Finally, you're going to need electricity and light to use all those tools. Wire in lights and utilities, either through extension cords or through in-wall wiring. The latter should usually be done by a professional. Just remember not to overload your circuits. If you're running too many things at once in your garage, you're likely to trip a breaker.

With the above tips, you should be able to create a functional workshop out of any garage. If you aren't using your garage for your cars, why not create a new use for the space? To get started, contact Artex Overhead Door Company for more information about selecting the perfect door for your workshop.