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Double Garage Doors vs. Two Single Garage Doors

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If you have a two-car garage, you could be debating between purchasing two single garage doors or one double door. Either option can work with a two-car garage, but having one double garage door might be the better idea for these reasons.

Minimize Installation and Maintenance Costs

First, you might be concerned about the cost of installing your garage doors. If you purchase two separate doors, you will likely have to spend more than if you just purchased one double door.

Even though the cost of the doors themselves might be comparable, you would also have to purchase two electric garage door openers if you opt for two single doors. This can double your cost. Additionally, since more labor is involved, you'll probably pay more in labor charges.

After you have paid for your garage doors, you might think the additional costs are over. However, since you will have two electric garage door operating systems, then you have to worry about maintaining both of these systems. You will have twice as many garage door tracks to clean, and you'll have more moving parts to lubricate.

With a double garage door, you don't have to do as much maintenance, which saves you time and money. Although, there is one advantage of having two single garage doors when it comes to maintenance: if one door malfunctions, you'll have a backup. If you keep up with garage door maintenance, though, you should be able to prevent breakdowns.

Avoid Dealing With Two Remotes

Another issue that goes along with having two separate garage doors is the fact that you'll have multiple remotes. You may have to put two remotes on your keychain or keep two separate remotes in your car. Along with having more remotes to have to keep up with, you could confuse the two from time to time and open the wrong garage door.

Even though having two remotes might not seem like a big deal, you may find it to be a lot simpler to just have one garage door remote that you have to worry about. You will not have as much clutter to worry about in your car or on your keychain. You'll also never have to worry about accidentally using the wrong remote and opening the wrong door.

Give Yourself More Space to Get In and Out

One of the big reasons why having a double garage door is better for some people is because it gives you more room to get your car in and out. If you have a compact car, you might be able to get your car through a single-size garage door without any problems. If you have a larger sedan, a pickup truck, or an SUV, however, it might be difficult or impossible to use a single-size door.

With a double garage door, you don't have to worry about not being able to get your larger vehicle in and out. Plus, even if you have a smaller car, you might find that navigating your car into the garage is easier, particularly if you have a narrow driveway and don't have a lot of room for maneuvering your vehicle when pulling into the garage.

If you look around at houses that have two-car garages, you'll probably see homes with two single garage doors and homes that have just one double door. The decision to choose either option depends on your needs and the overall look you would like to accomplish. Get help with making your choice and handling your garage door installation by contacting us at Artex Overhead Door Company today. We look forward to working with you.