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Match Your Garage Door to Your House's Style

Garage Door

A lot goes into the curb appeal of your house. The yard, siding, and roof all play a big part. However, one of the biggest installations in the façade is the garage door. In other words, your garage door can have a big impact on your home's curb appeal.

You have many considerations that go into buying a new garage door, including cost, durability, and insulative qualities. As you're choosing the style of the door, also keep in mind how it can complement the rest of the house's façade.

Modern House

Modern style is characterized by clean lines. Minimalism is often an emphasis to allow the obvious geometry to come out. If you have a contemporary or mod house, you'll want your door to match.

Industrial materials work well with mod-style houses. Therefore, they look good with a metal and glass garage door. These are typically custom-order doors with a frame of aluminum. A boon is that you can paint the aluminum any color you want, thus adding a pop of bold color with the framing.

Historical House

You should take the opposite approach if you have a historical house. In fact, historical styles have their own key elements. For instance, Victorian architecture is characterized by a wood or stone exterior, complicated shapes, and decorative trim. Georgian homes also feature ornate trim but with a symmetrical approach. Greek Revival houses feature bold details and obvious symmetry.

For any of these types of houses, you'll want a wood or wood-looking garage door because that's the historical material for any door. From there, match the trim style - ornate for Victorian and Georgian homes, bold for Greek Revival. For the latter, consider adding an arched top, which offers a classical appeal.

Cottage or Farmhouse

Cottages and farmhouses tend to present a homey profile. Cottages are typically smaller. Farmhouses are often rustic. Both styles tend to be symmetrical.

A Craftsman-style door would complement either style of house. These are wood or wood-looking with panels, trim, and glass panes. Craftsman-style doors tend to offer a cozy touch.

One of the most popular trends is a door that resembles one from a carriage house. These wood or woodlooking doors feature glass panes and large hinges. They can swing out in the old manner or slide up and down on tracks in the modern manner. A carriage house garage door would be especially charming for a cottage.

If you want to get a little whimsical with your farmhouse, consider a garage door that resembles a barn door. This is similar to the carriage house door in design except it's more rustic in appearance.

Traditional House

Many modern houses don't adhere to a standard style. Ranch houses are a hallmark of this kind of nonstyle. However, the correct garage door can complement these houses, too.

If the garage door seems to take up a lot of the façade, consider matching the door color to the siding. The door will blend in with the rest of the façade, which lessens its visual impact. Conversely, if you don't mind allowing the garage door to have some visual impact, coordinate with the trim. If you have a paintable door, use the same paint as for the trim so it matches exactly.

Perhaps your house presents a large façade that wouldn't be overpowered by a stand-out garage door. Your garage door doesn't have to be monochromatic. The panels can match the siding, while the trim of the door can match the trim of the house. This style adds an ornate touch, which could complement the rest of the façade.

Your garage door can recede into the background or add visual appeal to your house's façade - or a combination of the two. When you're ready to choose a garage door, visit Artex Overhead Door Company for a wide selection of styles and expert installation.