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Garage Door Opener

Electric Operators

Does your garage door opener wake up the household every time you leave in the morning? Tired of carrying around a bulging key ring? Worried that your garage door will shut on top of your car?
Electric operators and automatic garage door openers were once considered a luxury, but most of us now take them for granted. Our team of professional technicians installs new systems as well as upgrades, maintains and repairs your existing units. We have nearly two decades of experience servicing residential and commercial operators for all of your home and workplace needs.

Should I Upgrade My System?

Whether you want to make your business space more efficient or your home more secure, there are many reasons to upgrade your existing opener with a new unit that features modern technologies.
New units reduce noise levels and vibrating. Your property will also be more secure with modern “rolling code” technology that prevents potential thieves from using cheat devices to open older models. In addition, exterior keypads are now common which allow entry by punching in your access code, eliminating the need for heavy and jangly keys altogether.
Importantly, modern operators usually include backup batteries that get you through the next power outage, allowing your garage door system to operate reliably 24/7. Finally, with enhanced safety features, a new system will automatically reverse a descending door if an object or person passes underneath.

Operators for Your Commercial Facility

Industrial-grade electric operators improve workplace efficiencies and offer more dependable security for your warehouse and safety for your employees. We offer integrated door systems that meet the advanced performance requirements of business facilities and can open any size of overhead, roll-up or scissor-gate door. The range of openers we provide can handle any workplace environment.